Easter Wreath Made of Household Items


Yes, you can make this fabulous Easter wreath using items from around the house – I did! We’ve got grass clippings, plastic Easter eggs from a past egg hunt, old paint, fishing line, cardboard, and ribbon. Video tutorial shown here.


Love is in the Air


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! So, it’s been a while since I made a tulle project. I put on my tulle dress from the “Repurpose The Dress” video series and started cutting it up for this lovely door wreath made from cardboard, tulle, and a secret surprise. Watch my YouTube video to find out what it is! (I’m Smiling)

Christmas Card Wreath

It seems like such a waste to throw out Christmas cards! Instead, conglomerate a wreath for your door! Simply clip them into strips and curl them up. Just bend a metal coat hanger into a circle and tape or staple the pieces on. Cut out some cute characters like the snowman shown here. Think about colors as you are clipping. This wreath focuses on pastels.

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