Love is in the Air


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! So, it’s been a while since I made a tulle project. I put on my tulle dress from the “Repurpose The Dress” video series and started cutting it up for this lovely door wreath made from cardboard, tulle, and a secret surprise. Watch my YouTube video to find out what it is! (I’m Smiling)


I made a Tutu! – No Sewing! Yay!


I’m back to making things out of tulle! This was such an easy tutu to make. I just took some ribbon from a gift and started looping tulle strips around it. My easy video tutorial can be found here. I am very happy with how this turned out.

I Love Pom Poms


Not only do I love the way pom poms look, I love making them! Besides that, I’m actually starting to chip away at the dress material that I’ve been trying to use up. Well, a little. When I put the dress on, it still looks like a normal dress. This dress is huge! Let’s see what I’ve made so far from this torn dress:


I started with some smaller projects. Now I’ve started moving into some larger projects such as the tulle pom poms. Eventually I’ll make a tutu since I think of tulle when I think of tutus. Everyone needs a tutu! Here is my weekly video. It shows how to easily make a tulle pom pom.