How to Make a String Puppet


Okay, yeah, I have issues with laughing too much. I analogize in advance for that. But, I left it in the video for memories sake. My grandchildren can watch grandma laugh. So, anyway, a nice lady from Canada sent me this bear and asked if I would make a video demonstrating how to make a string puppet. So, here it is! I had fun making it!


How I Clean Faux Fur Items


Here’s how I deal with keeping faux fur looking and smelling fresh. Yes, fake fur is beautiful and fun. But, it can become matted and soiled with use. This 2 minute video explains it all.

How to Fix Stuffed Animal Fur


So, I picked up this beauty at the thrift store (a vintage toy from my childhood). It’s a Popple in case you have not heard of one these. You can store things in their back pouch if you like. Or, you can turn them inside out to make them look like a ball. Anyway, it had dryer damage. If you look at the picture on the left, you can see that the fur is matted and melted together. Here is my YouTube video tutorial in case you would like to see how I fixed this cutie. The video also has a bonus tip included. As usual, I kept my tutorial short and sweet!