How to Make a String Puppet


Okay, yeah, I have issues with laughing too much. I analogize in advance for that. But, I left it in the video for memories sake. My grandchildren can watch grandma laugh. So, anyway, a nice lady from Canada sent me this bear and asked if I would make a video demonstrating how to make a string puppet. So, here it is! I had fun making it!


Easiest Way to Fix a Hoodie String!


The YouTube video tutorial is here – short and simple! Never get worked up about a pulled out hoodie string or pants drawstring again!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Okay, I had fun with this one. This might be a little crazy for some tastes, but it suits mine perfectly. I made this centerpiece out of things from around my house: yarn, weeds, and a vase. The 1 minute video tutorial can be found here. Let me know if you try this out. I’d love to see what type of plant you use and what the results look like.