Yup, Another Type of Slime :)


Okay, this is it for slime projects for this year. Sorry, my daughter and I were on a roll though! The video tutorial is right here. This slime project gets better with age. We placed this in the fridge and the next day it was clear sparkle slime. I suggest keeping slime in the fridge. I think it would keep it fresher over time and deter bacteria growth. I know, that sounds yucky. We wash our hands before playing with slime. But, I’m weird about germs. Getting sick is one of my worst fears. And, thank God, we barely ever get sick. So, taking extra precautions is worth it to me. Welp, ta-ta until next week! Have a great weekend!

How to Make Fluffy Sponge Slime


This version of slime that my daughter and I made might be my favorite. We just kept trying different ingredients to see how many types of slime that we could make. The more we played with this particular slime, the better it got! We keep it in a container in our fridge to keep it fresh (I actually don’t know if this is necessary, but it can’t hurt.) At first the slime was tie-dyed, but of course it turned to solid purple as we played. I actually think it is prettier as a solid purple. Here is the video tutorial for anyone interested. It’s good to take time in our busy lives to have some fun! Remember, this slime toy can also be a stress reliever (like a stress ball!) Enjoy! Hey, if you want to be more sanitary about it, you could even stick the slime in a rubber glove or a balloon, tie it off, and you have an instant stress ball. With it being encapsulated, you can actually wash it.