Have a Merry Christmas!


I’ve made a lovely (and strange) video concerning Kmart closing. Join me on what might be my last visit through this iconic store . . . memories and feelings will be evoked.


My First Vlog


Yes, I know this is kind of a blog…but here is a link to what I think is my first vlog! It’s a video about my cheapskate day out on the town. This is where I get some of my deals and this is what my husband and I enjoy doing.

Affordable and Fun Day Trip Ideas!


Our Easter Friday trip was a blast! Please see my money saving tips and tricks in this YouTube video which shows highlights from our day trip. No matter what state you are from, you’re sure to find some useful tips! Now, if you’re not from the United States, I’m not sure I’ll be too much of a help. But, who knows?!