Okay, I had another Drawing War


I have no clue why drawing wars are so much fun. But, they are. And, this time there is musical entertainment! Whooopeeeee! This is my longest video yet…so, don’t click my YouTube video link here unless you are prepared for 22 minutes of random entertainment that is supposed to be about drawing and unicorns. But, somehow also ends up being about singing, smoke bombs, candles, and glitter.


Draw a Rose Using Simple Shapes


Here’s an interesting video tutorial that I came up with this weekend. This rose drawing is made up of simple shapes such as hearts. I thought this would be good practice to help recognize that shapes and spaces are very important factors when creating art.

Watercolor Pencil Demo


Here’s my quick demo on how to use watercolor pencils. This was a special request from Jennifer Welch, one of my YouTube viewers. Plus, sign up for the giveaway on YouTube if you have time. Just leave a comment, click like, and subscribe to my Classy Cheapskate channel if you aren’t already. Thanks for visiting!