How to Make a Money Boa


Who doesn’t love wearing money? California kids wear money leis for graduation – it’s their gift usually! They show off their swag. Here’s my video on how to make an easy peasy money boa lei!

Candy Heart Valentine Frames


This is an easy and fun Valentine decoration or gift idea using CANDY HEARTS! PS: I bought the hearts after last Valentine’s Day for just 25 cents per large pack.  I knew this day would come….361 days later this video tutorial happened. Whooopeeeeee!

How to make a money rose lei


Graduation day is approaching! If you know a special graduate, get ready with a very special graduation gift! This is the most awesome money lei I ever came up with and I’m ready to share it with you in this video tutorial! This is the one I would want if I was graduating. 🙂 But, of course I’ve been there – done that. This project should cost about $11 to make. It uses crepe paper streamers, dollar bills, and ribbon.