My Best Homemade Eclipse Glasses


Okay, I stepped things up a notch. These are my new solar eclipse viewing glasses using the tried and true soot on glass technique of days gone by. I made these using a neighbor’s old glass lenses. Actually, when I am done, I’m pretty sure they will clean up perfect…not that I would ever wear them (they are pretty big). And, this video tutorial is only 40 seconds long. Enjoy!


Here’s a Giveaway


I’ll be honest . . . I didn’t have enough time to record a great video this week. I only had enough time to whip this up. I had such big plans, but they didn’t work out yet (maybe this weekend). This is a giveaway video. What’s the prize? A clear custom stamp from!

Free Kotex Samples!



Click here for sample. Though it says that you can order two samples per household, it did not work for me (even with refreshing my browsing history). You might need to ship to 2 different names and email addresses.

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