Here’s a Giveaway


I’ll be honest . . . I didn’t have enough time to record a great video this week. I only had enough time to whip this up. I had such big plans, but they didn’t work out yet (maybe this weekend). This is a giveaway video. What’s the prize? A clear custom stamp from!


Craft Haul Giveaway


I got the best craft goody bag at my local thrift store. Most items were brand new and sealed in the pack. I opened the goody bag on screen and decided that I’ll be doing a giveaway – here’s the YouTube video if you wish to enter. I can’t wait to do this again! Check out my YouTube channel because I have some other giveaways going on right now too. Here is a direct link to the giveaways.

Cute Washi Tape Bookmark


I like this project because it makes good use of unwanted magnets. I’m always getting free stray magnets in my travels. Now I know what to do with them. Plus, I also found good use for washi tape (or in my case, cell phone covers). My YouTube video for this project is here. Oh, and there is another giveaway with this video (just a little added fun).