Father’s Day

Easy Folded Money Card for Father’s Day


Welp, Dad, I hope you don’t see this! 🙂 This is one of your lovely Father’s Day gifts! For everyone else – check out how to make this in my latest video upload! Look at the money tie! Oh yeah!


Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Sometimes it’s hard to think up an original gift for Dad. Here are my favorite ideas for this year! I really like the Dad’s Stache Jar. Oh, free printables for these projects are available on my website at http://www.jamiejayart.com. The art was created by me and I give you permission to use it for your non-commercial purposes. The project video is available here.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea:


Throwing money into a card isn’t very special. So, I twiddled around with some bills and came up with a way to make a pop-up money rose for inside of a greeting card without damaging the currency at all. My goal was to use simple folds. I wanted anyone to be able to make this project – not just origami experts. Here is the link to watch my YouTube tutorial: “How to Create a Pop-Up Money Rose“.