Beach Trip on a Budget


All right, all right. You might want to think twice before clicking on my budget beach trip music video link (right here.) Yes, please think twice. I’ve gone over the top (call me a dork if you want.) It’s true. Here’s how to take a beach trip on very little money. My husband said we couldn’t do it for under $150. I proved him way wrong!


My Crazy, Fun Family!


They sure do make me laugh! That’s about my only comment on this video. Enjoy their barrel swimming! This is what they consider a free swimming pool.

A Common Branch



I’m still on my branch kick. Branches are free, and offer so much! I have really been taking notice lately that good design is greatly about similarity – a common ground. In this scene you’ll notice that there is a common theme. Many of the objects are just two-toned, are silhouettes, have a pastel ground, and are mostly rectangular or square. What impact! But good design also has something to do with layout. Had these items just been laying on the table, it would look like a jumbled, rather boring mess. The branch is a key element here. Wouldn’t it be neat to make a family tree using this same technique?