Beach Trip on a Budget


All right, all right. You might want to think twice before clicking on my budget beach trip music video link (right here.) Yes, please think twice. I’ve gone over the top (call me a dork if you want.) It’s true. Here’s how to take a beach trip on very little money. My husband said we couldn’t do it for under $150. I proved him way wrong!


My First Vlog


Yes, I know this is kind of a blog…but here is a link to what I think is my first vlog! It’s a video about my cheapskate day out on the town. This is where I get some of my deals and this is what my husband and I enjoy doing.

I Turned into a Game Show Host


I don’t know why, but I felt that it was very necessary to go to the extreme on my first ever HAUL video. I never thought I would walk out of the Peebles store with $230.95 worth of merchandise for only $2.97. I mean, I only went there for men’s underwear. However, they stopped selling it all of a sudden (men’s socks too). So, I walked around to find some fun trinkets to use up┬ásome Peebles offers that came in the mail. I always wanted these light up signs that they sell, but I wasn’t willing to fork over the amount of money they wanted. Patience paid off!