How to Draw a Rose – Sketching Session


Well, I had a little drawing session. I got myself a hot coffee and sketched away creating a whimsical free flowing rose. Check out my shaky lines in this tutorial video – LOL – still, very pleased with the end results.

Feather Skirt or Necklace DIY


This is an almost ridiculously simple Halloween costume accessory. I actually made this one for a fairy festival to jazz up my outfit. You can check out my 2 minute tutorial video here. I noticed that the Dollar Tree dollar store carries all of the supplies necessary even though I already owned what was needed.

How to Make Dry Shampoo


So, I made this video to show many ways to deal with oily hair. I don’t like to wash my hair a lot as it takes the color out faster. And, I find dry shampoo to be expensive, so I prefer to make my own. Again, forgive me for the long video¬†(about 9 minutes – but informative). Once I start rambling, I can’t seem to stop. I’m actually going to write a script for my next video so that I don’t ramble on and on and on….!