Feather Skirt or Necklace DIY


This is an almost ridiculously simple Halloween costume accessory. I actually made this one for a fairy festival to jazz up my outfit. You can check out my 2 minute tutorial video here. I noticed that the Dollar Tree dollar store carries all of the supplies necessary even though I already owned what was needed.

How to Make a Rubber Mask


I know, I know . . . it’s super scary looking. But, um, it’s for a haunted house that’s intended to scare people . . . soooo . . . Anywho . . . Here is the rubber mask that I made at home using things from around the house! YEAH! How ’bout that?! In this DIY video I show exactly how I made this custom Bray Wyatt The Fiend mask for a friend. The only one we found online was about $50 and didn’t look like The Fiend. So, this solved the issue!

How to Fix Broken Glasses – DIY


Welp, I have my favorite glasses back (which used to be my son’s glasses….same prescription – super rare). So anyway, when I was a child, they put wire in the plastic. Now, they do not and I know they secretly hope that the glasses will just crumble to bits. I mean, I was only holding these and wiping them with soft cloth when they snapped. It’s pretty much bull since these are name brand. Anywho….I know what this world is like and I’m ready to deal with it! So, here’s my one minute video on how to fix glasses that were born to break! HA!