How to Draw a Cute Hairy Spider


Here’s my 2 minute YouTube drawing tutorial on how to create this cute little fellow. Try out this step by step drawing lesson and let me know how you do. 🙂


Easy Deer Antler Headband – DIY


Yes, this happened. LOL . . . using newspaper, tape, and an old headband! My short instructional YouTube video can be found here. Enjoy! I made this headband for an upcoming music video that I hope to release in 2 weeks. Why am I making a music video? You’ll see! It’s going to be mysterious!

Toilet Paper Roll Crown Clip


Okay, so I made another project out of my torn dress find. This actually turned out really cute and was simple to make. My main ingredients? – a toilet paper roll and tulle from my dress. So far I’ve been able to use items from around the house for my projects. Here is my YouTube instruction video if anyone is interested.