Here’s a Giveaway


I’ll be honest . . . I didn’t have enough time to record a great video this week. I only had enough time to whip this up. I had such big plans, but they didn’t work out yet (maybe this weekend). This is a giveaway video. What’s the prize? A clear custom stamp from!


A Classy Cheapskate Wedding:


I had the pleasure of attending a classy wedding this week. I was highly impressed with the creative, resourceful decorations! Check this out – they used cardboard and Christmas lights for the initials centerpiece. The last name initial, “S”, is made out of a book! The mini roses are made from printed paper (magazine or book pages).


Did you ever see free pallets/crates alongside the road? I see them all of the time. This couple chose to make a sign out of a crate! Maybe they can use it in their basement in the future to keep items off of the floor in case of a flood or to help prevent mildew. It can be a memory of their wedding day!