An Eerie Fall Centerpiece


So, this project is sooooo easy! I had to make a centerpiece for an upcoming event, but I didn’t want to spend any money. This bold centerpiece is made from items that I found around my property. We’ve got a root that was washed up along a walking trail, some corn that I grew (you can use rocks if you like), black scrap paper left over from another project, rhinestones, and glue. For this project, I made a photo animation. What do you think of the short video? Should I make more animations of my projects (with no talking) or is it hard to follow? . . . curious 🙂 I thought it might be a nice change.


Dryer Lint and Toilet Tube Bracelets


I just love being creative. So, once again, I formed a marriage between dryer lint and toilet paper tubes in my crafting adventures. I created shabby chic bracelets in this video tutorial. I’m actually going to wear these. I wonder what people will say? It should be interesting. LOL

Painting with Fire


So, this is my first time painting with fire and with no reference material. It was a fooling around session and lasted a few minutes. Just think what someone could do if they had time on their hands to hone this skill! Do you know what’s really great about this? You could literally do this kind of art on road trips using food containers, a lighter, and a stick! I can imagine trying this out on a camping trip while sitting around the campfire. I wish I could do this on the beach, but the wind is probably too strong. Oh, I almost forgot…here is my YouTube video which shows the whole process.