Repairing a Cracked Cell Phone Screen


Easily fix a cracked cell phone screen yourself. Here’s my easy 3 minute walk through…Also, find out how to replace a digitizer if your screen isn’t even showing images…


An Eerie Fall Centerpiece


So, this project is sooooo easy! I had to make a centerpiece for an upcoming event, but I didn’t want to spend any money. This bold centerpiece is made from items that I found around my property. We’ve got a root that was washed up along a walking trail, some corn that I grew (you can use rocks if you like), black scrap paper left over from another project, rhinestones, and glue. For this project, I made a photo animation. What do you think of the short video? Should I make more animations of my projects (with no talking) or is it hard to follow? . . . curious 🙂 I thought it might be a nice change.

Dryer Lint and Toilet Tube Bracelets


I just love being creative. So, once again, I formed a marriage between dryer lint and toilet paper tubes in my crafting adventures. I created shabby chic bracelets in this video tutorial. I’m actually going to wear these. I wonder what people will say? It should be interesting. LOL