Recycle Your Old Greeting Cards


I needed some “safe” ornaments for my tree this year. (I have two pet ferrets and three cats.) So, I gathered up some old greeting cards, mail envelopes, and wrapping paper scraps. I also used toilet paper tube rolls for this project to add strength. I was very happy with the results. My goal was to make them as simply as possible. I just don’t have all of the time in the world and wanted something cute that the animals wouldn’t eat or break. The two minute video tutorial can be found here. Thanks for visiting and have a great holiday season!


Space Saving Christmas Tree



Some people just don’t have room for a tree. This wall tree solves the problem. Though it will take some time, it sure looks like a fun project. It really doesn’t matter what objects that you use, or even what color; as long as you create a Christmas tree shape. If you have children or collect geocache treasures, you should be able to find plenty of trinkets┬áto stick to the wall. I would think that removable sticky tabs would be the best option for adhering the items. Do you see how they cleverly hid the electrical outlet? You could even cut up Christmas cards that you receive and simply double over tape┬áto adhere pieces to the wall. Or don’t cut the cards and simply overlap cards until you create the perfect shape.