Special Gift for Graduation


Here’s a new twist on the graduation lei. I think this project turned out beautifully! And, the video tutorial is less than 2 minutes long! I’m pretty proud of myself for that. LOL – Anyway, I think the butterflies are the perfect touch and this could even be used for a wedding or anniversary party.


Inexpensive Acorn Wreath Project



If you can’t find acorns, you can use any large quantity of nuts, seeds, beans, or pods that you can find!

  1. Optional: bake nuts for 15 minutes at 350 degrees to kill off any insects or little creatures that may be hiding inside.
  2. Bind straw or other item to create a form for your wreath; or simply purchase a form.
  3. Glue nuts diagonally to the form using hot glue (skip the back). If you can think of a cheaper, efficient method, please share.
  4. Optional: paint wreath with leftover spray paint. You could also brush or dab paint on.
  5. Hang with saved gift ribbon or cut up some old fabric.

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