A Majestic Day Trip


For my birthday, we traveled back in time to the early 1900’s and visited a castle in our very own state of Pennsylvania. This is a must see! Enjoy the private video tour!


3 Ways to Unclog a Spray Paint Can!


Here are 3 easy ways to fix a clogged spray paint can. In this video tutorial, I go over 3 ways that I use to fix this annoying problem. Even when I turn a can upside down and spray when I’m finished with a project, there’s usually a can that gets clogged. Or, sometimes I get a few cans at local auction that happen to be clogged from previous owners. Well, never fear, there are several fixes for this problem.

I Fixed My Shorts!


So, here’s an easy fix for small holes in material and it doesn’t require sewing! Don’t throw out those favorite, old t-shirts and other precious pieces! This video tutorial does not work so well for large holes though. You might have to resort to a needle and thread for the big problems.