Hair in Your Face? Put It Back With Basically Anything…


I find myself at the office with hair in my face. So, what do I do? I grab something near to hold my hair back and free me of my slight misery. Yeah, I could remember a hair tie, but that’s in a perfect world where nobody forgets anything – ever. Check out my 3 minute video showing tons of great ways to pull your hair back at work, school, picking crops in a field, or elsewhere when you find yourself in a bind.


Cleaning a Toilet with Baking Soda


In this video, I do more than just show how to clean toilet scum with baking soda. There are actually several ways. And, I pretty much explore them all and more. I explore how to clean toilet bowl stains and mineral build up using Coca Cola, vinegar, Mountain Dew, WD-40, a gift card, and whatever else I can get my hands on. Heck, I even throw in some dancing for $hits and giggles (I’m sorry, it seemed appropriate.)

How to Fix Broken Glasses – DIY


Welp, I have my favorite glasses back (which used to be my son’s glasses….same prescription – super rare). So anyway, when I was a child, they put wire in the plastic. Now, they do not and I know they secretly hope that the glasses will just crumble to bits. I mean, I was only holding these and wiping them with soft cloth when they snapped. It’s pretty much bull since these are name brand. Anywho….I know what this world is like and I’m ready to deal with it! So, here’s my one minute video on how to fix glasses that were born to break! HA!