Top 10 Dollar Store Buys:


All righty-roo – Here’s my top 10 money saving buys! This pertains to dollar stores, particularly the Dollar Tree where everything is just one dollar! Check out my super short top 10 video here!


Repairing a Cracked Cell Phone Screen


Easily fix a cracked cell phone screen yourself. Here’s my easy 3 minute walk through…Also, find out how to replace a digitizer if your screen isn’t even showing images…

Whitening Teeth with Coconut Oil


So, I just had to give this a try! I happen to use coconut oil for a lot of things at home. But, have not tried whitening my teeth with coconut oil until now. It is so easy and of course so natural. Watch as my friend Matt gives it a go with superb results in this YouTube video tutorial (38 seconds in length).