Here’s a Giveaway


I’ll be honest . . . I didn’t have enough time to record a great video this week. I only had enough time to whip this up. I had such big plans, but they didn’t work out yet (maybe this weekend). This is a giveaway video. What’s the prize? A clear custom stamp from!


Join Me While I Paint with Coffee


If this isn’t classy, I don’t know what is. I have to say, this was a comforting and enjoyable experience. Here is my video tutorial. I’m giving away the art. So, if you are an art card collector like me (I have a whole album), then give it a shot! I’ll ship to any address in the world. Details are in the video description.

Watercolor Pencil Demo


Here’s my quick demo on how to use watercolor pencils. This was a special request from Jennifer Welch, one of my YouTube viewers. Plus, sign up for the giveaway on YouTube if you have time. Just leave a comment, click like, and subscribe to my Classy Cheapskate channel if you aren’t already. Thanks for visiting!