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Gold Leaf Headband DIY


I know it’s not Halloween at the time of writing this. However, this dress just inspired me to make a Greek gold leaf headpiece. LOL. And, it was so worth it! I love wearing it. I actually made it using all items from around the house. But, I took a trip to the Dollar Tree just to see what they had in case any of you are missing some of the supplies needed. This is so easy to make! Check out my YouTube video here. It’s been months since I’ve had the time to make a video. But, I’m glad I finally did.

Hair in Your Face? Put It Back With Basically Anything…


I find myself at the office with hair in my face. So, what do I do? I grab something near to hold my hair back and free me of my slight misery. Yeah, I could remember a hair tie, but that’s in a perfect world where nobody forgets anything – ever. Check out my 3 minute video showing tons of great ways to pull your hair back at work, school, picking crops in a field, or elsewhere when you find yourself in a bind.


Look What’s Inside of These Figures!


Yeah, these are seemingly normal decorations. But, look what we found inside after breaking them open. See, one broke by itself revealing a mystery! This is very interesting if you ask me. Is this some sort of conspiracy??? We’ve got several ideas of our own in this YouTube video that I made to reveal it all.