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Hair in Your Face? Put It Back With Basically Anything…


I find myself at the office with hair in my face. So, what do I do? I grab something near to hold my hair back and free me of my slight misery. Yeah, I could remember a hair tie, but that’s in a perfect world where nobody forgets anything – ever. Check out my 3 minute video showing tons of great ways to pull your hair back at work, school, picking crops in a field, or elsewhere when you find yourself in a bind.


Look What’s Inside of These Figures!


Yeah, these are seemingly normal decorations. But, look what we found inside after breaking them open. See, one broke by itself revealing a mystery! This is very interesting if you ask me. Is this some sort of conspiracy??? We’ve got several ideas of our own in this YouTube video that I made to reveal it all.

Cleaning a Toilet with Baking Soda


In this video, I do more than just show how to clean toilet scum with baking soda. There are actually several ways. And, I pretty much explore them all and more. I explore how to clean toilet bowl stains and mineral build up using Coca Cola, vinegar, Mountain Dew, WD-40, a gift card, and whatever else I can get my hands on. Heck, I even throw in some dancing for $hits and giggles (I’m sorry, it seemed appropriate.)