Life Hacks – It’s Home Repair Time!


I don’t live in a new home, and it’s previously owned. It needs tender loving care since it was built in the early 1900’s. So, I’m giving it some of that tender loving care! I figure, if I give some love, it will give some back. A room in my basement that is separated from the others needs lots of attention. It has water leaks and gaps that spiders can get in. I’m tackling these things first and then moving on from there. My goal is to open my cellar doors without fear of a spider jumping out at me. I want to open the door and feel welcome. I’m not going to hire a contractor since there are other things I wish to spend my hard earned money on. I only plan to spend a few dollars remodeling this disgusting room compared to hundreds if I had hired a professional. This is video #1 in my life hack series! Watch as I share my tips, tricks, and possible bloopers in the weeks to come.


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