Bye Bye Land Line!



I did it! I got rid of my land line. This all stemmed from our Verizon service going doing for a little more than an entire week! I figure, if I can go a week without service, I can keep on going. If I live to be about 80, this should save me a little more than $26,000; not figuring for inflation. I’m liking that!


  1. No more bill to pay each month
  2. No more annoying phone calls to answer, privacy is heavenly
  3. I sold my phone on eBay for $80
  4. No more answering machine to check


  1. I might need to give out my cell phone number when signing up for a credit card which means I might start getting unsolicited calls. We’ll see. I might just give out my husband’s work number if a phone number is required. I don’t want calls coming through to my cell phone since I only get so many minutes on my plan.

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