Fanciful Pine Cones



There is something fun about nestling little balls inside of pine cone crevices. I found these projects at vital-design, but I don’t recommend visiting their site. When I did, a whole bunch of pages began opening up with ads and whatnot. They wanted people to download the project instructions which I am leery of doing. Why not just post them online? It’s like they want to give out a virus with it or something. I’m just too skeptical. Anyway. Some round objects and a bit of glue could get you some pretty fancy looking tree ornaments. This would be a great project for kids. The first photo appears to be round beads wrapped in colorful paper. If it were me making that particular project, I would use decoupage glue and tissue paper; or thin, colorful, patterned paper scraps. Finally, I’d tie some beautiful ribbon or string through the one end to create an ornament.




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