Felt + Wool =’s Awesome!

image: decor4all.com

image: decor4all.com

How cute is this? A little felt, a little wool, some thread, and ribbon – it’s pure fancy! I found the wool balls for sale online, but would much rather make my own. There is a felt artist that I admire. The artist is Hine Mizushima. I will show a sampling of the art below. I would really love to spend more time with this material. The art form is called needle-felting. Felt can be made from natural fibers such as wool or with synthetic fibers such as acrylic. It can be a rather long process, but would be a fun thing to do during car rides. Here is a beginner video.

image: store.ornamentea.com

image: store.ornamentea.com

image: Hine Muzushima

image: Hine Muzushima


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