Deal of the Day, Giveaway! #2


I have a special offer for one lucky person! Yesterday, my husband sacrificed his Peebles gift certificate to purchase these super cute and classy, Napier, nickel safe earrings. Even if you don’t want them for yourself, they would make a great gift! Okay, so here is the deal. My book, Living Big on a Small Income, The Classy Cheapskate Way!, is priced at $16. The earrings are priced at $10. The first person who lets me know that they want both items for $13 is going to get them (including free shipping within the continental United States and the book will be signed). So, to entice you further, the book is filled with hundreds of my best money and time savings tips; and believe me, I am very good at saving money and time (to prove it, I was featured this year on The Learning Channel’s Extreme Cheapskates show). The book includes tips that are not typical everyday knowledge (but classy stuff, you don’t have to dig in dumpsters; it’s all stuff that I do in my daily life) and each tip shows you the yearly applicable savings. If this deal is not awesome enough, and you are still interested in the book, the Kindle version is available for just $7.49 here. Kindle can be downloaded for free to your computer. Anyway, feel free to use the “leave a comment” link below to respond (the comment link is pretty small – you have to look for it; include your email address which I will remove from your comment so that it is not posted publicly) and I’ll email you the link to pay securely and easily online. When the offer has been taken, I will mark this as unavailable. Thanks for looking and stay cheap!



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